Character Descriptions:


Isle Of The Lost


Mal: our hero and Maleficent's daughter; under her hardened, sarcastic exterior, she has a sense of justice and a heart of gold

Evie: the Evil Queen Grimhilde's daughter; hides her brilliance behind a superficial, image-obsessed attitude

Jay: Jafar's son; an outwardly arrogant thief, he conceals a strategic, collaboratice nature

Carlos: Cruella De Vil's son; despite a fear of dogs and just avout everything else, he has the capacity to be brave and kind

Maleficent: the infamous evil fairy; a profoundly selfish absentee parent with an unquenchable taste for vengeance

Grimhilde: Snow White's wicked adversary; an aging beauty queen, still desperate to be the fairest of them all

Jafar: Aladdin's nemesis; a slimy, washed-up crime lord desperate for a way back to the top

Cruella De Vil: A dalmatian-loving dog-snatcher; an obsessive, eccentric, and overbearing helicopter mom


Ben: son of the Beast and Belle; a classically regal, optimistic kid who bears the weight of soon becoming King of Auradon

King Beast: Ben's father and King of Auradon; royal and rule-driven, he knows a bit about being marginalized

Queen Belle: Ben's mother and Queen of Auradon; warm, but cautious, she doesn't understand her son's generation

Fairy Godmother: headmistress of Auradon Prep; busy and bubbly, she'll do anything to keep the school afloat

Jane: Fairy Godmother's daughter; meek and mousy, but hungry for attention, she's looking for her moment to shine

Chad: Cinderella and Prince Charming's son; an arrogant and spoiled blockhead, he's never wanted for anything

Audrey: Sleeping Beauty's daughter; the malicious queen bee of Auradon Prep, she has her eye on the throne

Doug: Dopey's son; nerdy and sweet, he does all the work that his fellow students don't want to do

Royal Page: Auradonian messenger; enormously nervous

Royal Guard: museum employee; less than vigilant

Maurice: chemistry teacher and Belle's father; kooky and stuck in his ways

Coach: Tourney coach; resigned to the team's mediocrity until meeting a surprise star player

Snow White: red carpet reporter; the voice of the masses


Isle Ensemble-including SMITTEN KIDS 1 & 2; inhabitants of the Isle


Auradonians- including AURDONIANS 1 & 2; students at Auradon Prep

Coronation Crowd- including CROWD MEMBERS 1, 2, & 3; guests at the coronation

Auradonian Choir- Auradon Prep's acapella group