Character Descriptions:

captain louie .jpg

Louie/Captain Louie: 

Louie is bright, imaginative, generous, and a somewhat shy kid. He has just moved to a new neighborhood and feels lonely without his old friends. 

Vocal Range

A3 - B4


Amy is the perfect friend who is always there to help and can take on leadership responsibilities whenever necessary. 


Archie is the youngest and smallest member of Louie's old gang and seems to be scared of everything. He won't chicken out of doing things, but it often takes a lot of prodding from his friends.

Vocal Range

B3 - B4


Roberta is the leader of the gang. She is not overly bossy, but she definitely is in control. She cares a lot about her friends and has a clear idea of how things should happen. She and Louie have innocent crushes on each other.

Vocal Range

B3 - B4


Ziggy is all around a big guy; physically and emotionally. Ziggy has got a big heart and is always ready to play a trick or two, and have some fun. The only thing that causes Ziggy any concern is embarrassment about his poor apartment that comes out when the kids start to talk about their homes. 

Vocal Range

B4 - F#4

Julio/Baseball Bat:

Julio is the new kid in the group and is extremely outgoing and self-confident. He likes to tell jokes and really enjoys having a good time with people, whether they are new or old friends. Julio has a few short lines in Spanish.

Vocal Range

E4 - G4


Amy's cat is a member of the gang and is always around.  Cat can't speak words, but still communicates fully to the gang with "meows" and actions. 

Louie's Mom:

Louie's Mom should be portrayed as an offstage voice. She is kind to her son, but still pushes and encourages him to go outside and meet new people.

Julio's Mom:

At first she seems bewildered by all the commotion she hears outside her door, but she is soon pleased to learn that her son is making new friends.


The ensemble in this show play kids from both Louie's old and new neighborhoods.