Rising Stars

Theater Troupe


Rising Stars Theater Troupe is an exciting opportunity for middle and high school students to work in a professional atmosphere on a youth guided production. Individual and team experiences exist in lighting, set design, costuming, and directing. Other opportunities may include script writing, movement, and music direction. 

Past selections have included; fantasy, sci-fi, historical and contemporary topics. 

On-stage participation is open through both registration and audition, subject to casting requirements. 

Rising Stars Theater Troupe Q & A

Q. What is a theater troupe?

A. A drama (theater) troupe is a group of actors who get together and put on a show! Sometimes they travel to different locations to perform. The purpose of our drama troupe is to explore the many aspects of theater while addressing members’ interests and developing new skills! Troupe members work as a team to create a ‘youth guided’ production, usually we focus on social topics that interest pre-teens and teens.

Q. Okay I got it, but what exactly is a ‘youth guided’ production?

A. Unlike rehearsals for a traditional play or musical where adults are in charge of making all the choices; Rising Stars encourages youth to make important production decisions and act as creative leaders. Responsibility can be shared with adult/older teen mentors depending on an individuals skills and experience.

Q. What is the production team?

A. The production team works behind the scenes to make a show happen! Production teams consist of 1-5 students working on a chosen area of technical or artistic production under the mentorship of experienced staff. 

Q. Can I be part of the production team and still be an actor in the show?

A. Absolutely! The time commitment will vary. The time commitment of the design team is the most flexible but directing and stage management tasks can be assigned when you are not on stage! Being a part of the production team will make you a better actor!

Q. More about the time commitment...

A . Just like sports; producing and performing a play takes an entire team who are ready to learn, practice, and participate. We do our best to schedule around lessons, prior commitments and other activities. Rehearsals/team meetings are 2-3 days a week .All scheduled rehearsals two weeks prior to performance are mandatory.

Design TEAM

The design and lighting team will explore the artistic and technical side of performance. Using the script the team will explore the story from a visual perspective; learning how color, shape, sound, and other elements combine to create the world that the actors inhibit. A fantastic opportunity for youth with artistic interests in 2D /3D art or an interest in computer media. The team will be responsible for brainstorming ideas, creating props/set and setting the lighting plot and sound cues. 

Directing Team

The directing and management team (prior acting experience required) will analyze the story line, characters, and plot. They’ll explore staging; how to balance stage picture and movement flow.  They'll examine how physical space and character interactions impact a story line and the audience.