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Family and Participant Information

Rules and Expectations

We will support and learn from one another.

We will respect each others words, ideas, and possessions.

We will strive to create an atmosphere of joy, creativity, trust, and equality.

We will arrive to rehearsal at least five minutes early, prepared to learn, and check in promptly.

We will always have a pencil and our script/music with us. We will know where our scripts/music are at all times!

We will be active listeners and attentive to instructors, directors, and team leaders.

We will bring our water bottle to rehearsal and take care to stay healthy!

We will practice patience when things get stressful and maintain a positive attitude!

Volunteer Requirement 

We enthusiastically welcome you and your family to TYA, "the place where all ages explore the theater arts." Theater For Young Audiences is a non-profit theater company serving schools and families since 1989. Like all organizations that serve youth, we are heavily dependent on the involvement of the parents whose youth we serve. We need your skills, time, talents, enthusiasm, patience, knowledge, willingness to learn, and sense of humor! If your youth is cast as an actor, you will be requested to assist through the run of the production in the following areas:

• Set construction

• Painting

• Set Design

• Costumes

• Props

• Dressing/Make-up

• Hospitality (to include Ushers, Sales, and Onsite Meals)


A MANDATORY GENERAL MEETING is held at the 1st rehearsal. Parents learn about the production schedule, and costume and set construction/painting plans. Parents will regularly receive timely updates outlining the production goals, deadlines, and progress. Family, friends, and other interested volunteers are welcome to work on the show alongside or in place of parents while under the guidance of the costume and set designers.


1. Why does TYA require family participation? TYA is a parent-based, family community theater, meaning our volunteer workforce is primarily the families of the youth. Each year up to 500 volunteers donate nearly 5,000 invaluable hours on productions and fundraising events. We pride ourselves on being a family organization where mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, etc. build skills, make friends, and have fun while "doing theater."


2. May I enlist other people to help fulfill the family participation requirement? Yes! Family = Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and friends are welcome to help fulfill the requirement. All will work on the show while under the guidance of the Technical Director and Lighting and Costume Designers. Though children are welcome, our projects are best suited for youngsters ten and up. Children younger than 15 years must be accompanied by an adult. 


3. What can I expect when I (we) volunteer? Plan to wear your work clothes and work shoes. Areas are set up onsite so that the crew can work while the actors are in rehearsal. Tasks are broken down into steps from simple to complex skills for kids, teens, and adults. The production schedule is based on priorities. Initially, all assist in set, props, and costume construction. Eventually, all participate on the hospitality team which includes ushering, concessions, merchandise sales, and onsite meals. During performances, parents assist on run crews and hair and makeup.  Plan to meet new friends, build skills, and have fun!


4. At times it may be difficult to volunteer during rehearsal hours. Are there other options?

On occasion, daytime hours or take-home projects may be available.


5. What is expected during strike? Strike is the final component of every production. Each actor and a respective parent are required to assist with strike following the final performance.   Jobs are available for all age levels and abilities, from cleaning, clearing, sorting, packing, loading, dismantling, hauling, unpacking, etc. Cast and crew are required to work the entire time until backstage, stage, and lobby are cleared and cleaned out and all equipment and supplies have been loaded, hauled, and unpacked at TYA's various storage facilities.


6. What if our family does not fulfill the participation requirement? We realize that unforeseen problems such as illness, funeral, and family emergency may prevent a family from fulfilling the participation requirement. We are most willing to work with families during crisis. However, if a family does not fulfill the commitment, steps are taken in the following order: 1) a friendly phone call inquiring why the commitment is not being kept, 2) a formal letter of warning, and 3) removal of the youth from the cast or crew.

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